The different uses of medical illustration

Several industries have been actively using medical illustration for quite some time now. They include; hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, media houses, law firms and lots more. As a matter of fact, every institution, government and non-government alike uses medical illustration. Medical illustration is used in the design of brochures, websites, motion pictures, posters and lots more. For medical illustration to work, educators, scientists, researchers and academicians have to collaborate with each other when creating illustration which will be used as an educational tool.

Where medical illustration finds its greatest use is in the courtroom. It helps simplify medical concepts and terminologies which ordinarily would be difficult to understand. Pictures they say is worth a thousand words. Complex medical concepts can easily be communicated using medical illustration.

Here, I would like to be your freelancer medical illustrator – If you have any requirement related to the same, please let me know.


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